Luxurious Hair Services at Havie and Moon


Well-managed and aesthetically appealing hair not only makes you feel young and rejuvenated but can also improve your confidence. To bring back the glow of your hair, we will provide you with the best care and attention. Havie and Moon are a trusted Salon that provides you with the best treatment to nourish your hair and make it feel stronger. Our award-winning hair stylists are experts at offering a range of hair services including balayage, haircuts, and trendy styles. Our team will provide you with the right consultation and make customised recommendations for your hair needs. You can choose Havie and Moon Hair Salon for better hair growth and appearance.

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Luxurious Hair Services
Premium haircare

Five-Star Balayage Service

Five-star balayage service by our hairstylists can allow you to have a radiant and luminous appearance. The hair transformation service at Havie and Moon begins with a consultation session with our team. You can provide our experts with the look you desire to create for your hair. Once the right look has been decided, our skilled artist will hand-apply colour to your hair to ensure you get the exact highlights you are looking for. Our balayage service would make your coloured hair look aesthetic, shiny, and natural. At Havie and Moon Hair Salon in Dubai Hills, our specialists can produce a variety of shades ranging from blondes to brunettes. Visit our Beauty Salon in Dubai Hills to enjoy a magical transformation.

Get the Best Hair Extension

At Havie and Moon, we use the best quality hair extensions. Whether you are looking for added length, want your hair volume increased or simply are thinking of changing your hairstyle. Our team of hairstylists can perfectly blend extensions for all purposes. Hair extensions can be personalised and customised as per your choice of hair needs. Our extension services can ensure your hair looks flawless and provide a natural appearance. From perfect colour match to desired length, you would find everything perfect at Havie and Moon. Feel rejuvenated by giving a newand fresh look to your hair by visiting our trusted salon, Havie and Moon.

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High-end hair services

Perfect Haircuts and Hair HairStyle

A range of haircuts and hairstyles are provided by the artists at Havie and Moon. They have mastered the skill and can offer you the right cut as per your facial features. The team of Havie and Moon hair salon in Dubai Hills is aware of the trendy cuts and styles and can make the right recommendations. Our hairstyling services range from casual updos to fancy styling for a glamorous event. The unique styles and versatile cuts by our experts would provide you with a well-needed hair transformation and would make you feel refreshed. Visit our salon now in Dubai Hillsto experience the best hair makeover.

Hair Treatment Services

At Havie and Moon Hair Salon, our hair experts offer the best treatment service for proper nourishment and growth of hair making it appear better. Your hair deserves your attention and care. The services by skilled artists at Havie and Moon can strengthen your hair in more than one way. From breakage to dryness, our treatment facilities can heal your hair for better growth. The use of nutrient-rich premium products at Havie and Moon brings back the original glow of hair making them look fresher and healthier. Our scalp treatment can eliminate itchiness and dandruff making your hair roots stronger.

Exclusive salon treatments

Our Valuable Partners

We use the best premium products to provide a range of hair services at Havie and Moon Beauty Salon in Dubai Hills. We feel proud to work with leading brands like Kevin Murphy and Beauty Works. The products offered by these brands are cruelty-free and do not damage our little furry fellows. The quality of products at Havie and Moon is not compromised at all. You can trust our salon to provide your hair with the best services in Dubai Hills Estate.

Why Choose Us?

Strong hair

Strong hair

At Havie and Moon we ensure our clients get the premium treatment. The hairdressers at Havie and Moon provide you with hair treatment and styling using the best products ensuring your hair’s health is never compromised. Our hair services would reduce hair fall. Moreover, our expert stylists and dressers can also provide you with consultation about the treatments that can improve the health of your hair

Damaged hair

No more damaged hair

Our hair services will also repair damaged hair. The stylists at Havie and Moon recommend clients with hair products and serums that would strengthen and grow them. Our hair services would reduce hair fall. You can also keep your hair moisturized and hydrated by getting an appointment at Havie and Moon Hair Salon.

Batter hair

Better hair texture

The services by Havie and Moon can allow you to have smooth, shiny, and silky hair. All our hair services are provided using organic products ensuring your hair is not damaged due to strong chemicals. We also offer special treatment for frizz control and to make hair smoother. From deep conditioning to keratin and protein treatment, our expert hair stylists provide the best services.

Get Vibrante

Get Vibrant Colours

The services by our expert hairdressers will allow you to have vibrant hair colour that will make you feel young and rejuvenated. Our colour-protected treatment would prevent your hair from getting prematurely faded. The hairstylists work closely with the client and create the right colour of their choice making them feel fully satisfied with their hair. You can book an appointment now to experience the transformation of your hair.

Hair Loss

Avoid Hair Loss

Hair loss is a huge problem faced by most women. This keeps women away from getting their hair styled. The use of chemicals and electric heating further increases the problem. At Havie and Moon, our stylists use the best products to ensure your hair is healthy and strong leaving no room for hair fall.

Our Team of Hairstylists


Award-winning Hair Stylist

Emily is a skilled hair stylist at Havie and Moon Beauty Salon. She has been performing hairdressing for women in Dubai for more than 8 years. She has expertise in offering the best hair extension and balayage services. She is even a hair trainer for the popular brand Beauty Works. She performs the best haircuts and styles them up as per the occasion. Her efficient hair extension services ensure a perfect blend of natural hair with extensions. She can perfectly match hair colour for wavy, curly, and straight hair. Emily also provides consultation to clients. She is available at Havie and Moon on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Best Hair Stylist

Meghan is our hairstyling expert and has vast experience in offering hairdressing services. She is well aware of the art of making women attain the perfect hair they want. She is a balayage exert and provides clients with the right hair look that would suit their face type the best. You would find her services calming and relaxing. She has successfully provided several lovely women with her 5-star hair services. From extensions to highlights, she can do it all. You can let her treat your hair with the best services by booking a session with Havie and Moon Woman Salon in Dubai.

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Sanaa A

Shout out to Meghan for doing an epic balayage treatment on my hair! Which I totally love! Not only that, the salon staff and actual salon is absolutely beautiful and luxurious! Would definitely recommend it to all!!!!

Dayala N

Dayala N

“Been a regular since they opened. Absolute favorite salon, wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair and nails. All the girls are amazing and super professional !”


“Friendly, happy staff. Luxury, dreamy bright salon. Highly recommend Emily, I always come away happy with my hair! She always does an amazing job.”

Sharon M


What hair services are offered at Havie & Moon ladies' hair salon near me?


At Havie & Moon, we offer haircuts, hair wash, styling, and a range of colouring, and treatment options for our clients. This is why we are known as the best hair salon in Dubai for ladies.

How long would my haircut appointment take?


This depends upon the type of haircut you want. Skilled team at Havie & Moon arewell aware of people’s busy schedules and thus provide efficient services.

How much does a haircut cost at Havie & Moon?


The price of haircuts at Havie & Moon may vary depending on the type of haircut that is needed. You can check our rates for a detailed understanding.

What hair treatments are offered at Havie & Moon?


We offer a range of hair treatment services from well-known brands.

How can I maintain my hair after treatment?


You can maintain your hair after treatment by using safe products and avoiding heat styling.