A Range of Services that will make you
feel Beautiful Inside and Out



Our award-winning British stylists provide you and your hair the attention it needs from the minute you walk into HAVIE & MOON. Every step of the way is designed with your comfort in mind including premium luxury reclined backwash featuring Pure Blue water filters, no chance of leaving with a sore neck!


Our experienced beauty therapists are skilled and equipped to provide a vast range of beauty services using industry leading, high quality products. All of our services are designed with comfort in mind, to give you the best possible experience when visiting.

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Here at HAVIE & MOON, our experienced nail technicians provide an extensive package of nail treatments using only the best of the premium vegan and cruelty-free products within the beauty industry.


At HAVIE & MOON we understand that beauty is both inside and out. We have a passion for mindfulness and wellbeing, prioritising our support of woman and their mental health and happiness so they don’t just look but feel fantastic.

We work and are associated with many females in the holistic health and well-being industry and can support you in seeking which ever service you maybe looking for.


At HAVIE & MOON we provide our clients with a varied range of retail products, from personal care to perfect gifts!

Including vegan and cruelty free haircare, anti-aging skincare, shower filters and jewellery. The lists goes on.. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Question

Can I get beauty products from your salon?
At Havie & Moon, you can buy the best quality skin, hair, and nail care products for everyday use.
What are the benefits of salon services?
By getting salon services for your hair, skin, and nails you can feel fresh and healthy. Moreover, the massage services of Havie & Moon can allow your body to feel relaxed.
How often should I visit a salon for a nail job?
We recommend you visit Havie & Moon twice a month to make your nails look fresh and healthy.
How often does my skin need facial treatment?
You must visit Havie & Moon every month to get a facial treatment. As new cells take four weeks to generate thus leaving a need for treatment.