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A massage technique called maderotherapy involves massaging and manipulating the skin, bones, and tissues with wooden tools. The timber tools are created specifically to aid in circulation improvement, body contouring, and reducing cellulite. The Havie and Moon will normally use skilled, licensed therapists with knowledge of Maderotherapy massages.It's crucial to discuss your unique goals and problems with the therapist before your session so that they can customize the massage to suit your needs. You'll be requested to lie down on a treatment table for the duration of the treatment, during which your therapist will sculpt and massage the body with various wooden implements.


Maderotherapy Massage Equipment’s:

The skin, bones, and tissues are massaged and worked on using various carefully crafted wooden tools and devices.

Typical Maderotherapy massage equipment includes these:

  • Rolling Pins.
  • Cups
  • Carving implements.
  • Facial apparatus.
  • Instruments for lymphatic drainage.
Maderotherapy Massage centre in dubai hills

Importance of Maderotherapy Massage at Havie and Moon

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly common for people looking to enhance the look and wellness of the skin and body.

The following are some benefits of having Maderotherapy therapy from Havei and Moon:

The average wood tool size in salons is typically 8 to 10. We can handle any troublesome location and maximize the benefits of Maderotherapy. Our expert has several years of experience in the massage industry. Over a very long period, they have been performing maderotherapy treatments, and during that time, he has attended various global pieces of training.



Maderotherapy massage salons hire professional and trained professionals who have the knowledge and skill to give safe and efficient treatments.

Treatment that is customized

Maderotherapy treatments can be tailored to your particular needs and concerns.

A knowledgeable massage therapist can modify the treatment to focus on particular body parts or address problems, including cellulite or fluid accumulation.


Relaxation and stress reduction:

Maderotherapy treatment can be a soothing and reviving experience that aids in reducing anxiety and stress and its mental advantages.

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Maintenance and follow-up sessions

They may be provided by Havie and Moon to help you maintain the treatment's advantages over time and ensure you get the desired outcomes.

How frequently is a Maderotherapy massage necessary?

It's typically suggested that you begin with several sessions spread out across a few weeks, accompanied by maintaining sessions as necessary, for the best effects.

It's crucial to discuss your goals and problems with our Maderotherapy massage therapist so they can provide a treatment plan and session frequency that will work best for you. Also, since overuse can result in soreness and discomfort, it's crucial to pay attention to how you feel and give it time to relax and recuperate between sessions.

Maderotherapy Massage: The Secret To A Stress-Free Life

Maderotherapy massage is a historical practice that uses wooden implements with anatomical designs to increase the size and dimensions of the body while enhancing general health. These tools enable problem areas under intensely targeted treatment (such as thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen). The disintegration of fatty tissue and fibre cellulite is accelerated under pressure, allowing for its natural elimination.

Havie & Moon Maderotherapy Massage Service

Havie and Moon now offer weight loss and fat-burning Maderotherapy massage using natural products and tools. As you all know, Havie and Moon are ranked at the top of the salon market in Dubai. Once you visit us, you won't regret going to your barber. This treatment includes applying a massage using a variety of wooden implements that are varied in shape and size and are specifically made to fit different areas of the human body.Since it may also be seemed to tighten and tune the body, remove localized fat, and combat cellulite, this type of therapy has also become more widespread for cosmetic reasons. So, many institutes already practice maderotherapy, which aims to confirm and shape the body. Experts believe you can start noticing benefits after the third meeting, though they advise an entire cycle of 15 appointments to achieve good results. Each session lasts roughly 20 minutes.

Maderotherapy Massage Tools:

The benefit of employing specifically crafted wooden instruments is the ability to apply tremendous stress to fibrous cellulite and detoxify fat deposits simultaneously. Havie and Moon have the best professional staff for their services. Whether it's massage therapies or beauty treatments, you will satisfy by getting a cooperative and budget-friendly environment once you come for your first treatment.

Why is Maderotherapy massage Important?

Maderotherapy Massage is among the most exceptional therapies from any upscale women's massage provider, like Havie and Moon. The rationale is that Maderotherapy works faster to promote your body's creation of elastin and collagen than its competitors, such as laser, ultrasonic cellulite removal, or liposuction. Maderotherapy can thereby get rid of cellulite from the inside out.Maderotherapy is 100% organic, non-invasive, and has no known contraindications, so anyone who wants to take extra steps to begin their mental or physical improvement can pick it without reconsidering.Long, stretching strokes, rhythmic pressing strokes, and range of motion are all part of a Swedish massage. To reduce muscle spasms, this style of massage concentrates on the tendons' outermost layer.

Benefits of Getting Maderotherapy Massage from our Massage Centre

How often should you take Maderotherapy Massage?

You know that a Maderotherapy massage from Havie and Moon is not a one-time therapy if you're considering receiving one. Maderotherapy requires at least 10, 15, or 20 treatments to produce the desired end outcomes because special effects take time to manifest. Hence, avoid falling for con artists who promise to eliminate your cellulite in a single day. Instead, pick a reputable and experienced salon like Havie and Moon that you can rely on.