Hot Stone Massage Therapy
for Pain Relief: What You Need to Know


The Hot stone massage is a popular method that involves heated stones to relax and calm the muscles. With their experienced and professional therapists, Havie and Moon Salon in Dubai elevate this massage technique to a new level. The Hot stone massage service at Havie and Moon begins with a consultation. The therapist will review your areas of concern, and advise you on the best course of action.



  • Both hot stones and conventional massage methods are used in the Havie and Moon hot stone massage service. The heated stones are placed on the targeted body part, such as the back, legs, and arms, to warm up and relax the muscles. The therapist will then massage the body, combined with deep tissue therapy
  • Set-up: The hot stones will be set up on a special heater, and your therapist will arrange the massage couch with soft linens. They could also use a light oil or lotion to make it easier for the stones to slide across your skin
  • Hot stone massages offer a deep, relaxing massage that releases muscle tension, lowers stress levels, and enhances circulation. The heat from the stones assists in soothing the muscles, enabling the therapist to apply more intense pressure and concentrate on spots of tension more efficiently
  • The hot stone massage at Havie and Moon is intended to offer a whole mind-body experience. The trained spa massage therapist deliver a calming and revitalizing massage that supports general health and well-being by combining hot stones with conventional massage techniques.
  • Cool Down: Just after the massage, the therapist will release the stones and give you time to relax.
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Why Havie and Moon Are Best for Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Havie and Moon offer a variety of massage and aesthetic treatments in addition to the hot stone massage. Relaxation body therapy, deep tissue therapy, Lymohatic drainage massage, maderotherapy and aromatherapy massage are just a few of the massage.

The average wood tool size in salons is typically 8 to 10. We can handle any troublesome location and maximize the benefits of Maderotherapy. Our expert has several years of experience in the massage industry. Over a very long period, they have been performing maderotherapy treatments, and during that time, he has attended various global pieces of training.


Hot Stone Massage for Relieving Chronic Pain

Hot stone massage therapy is a perfect way to kick-start your day if you are feeling tired after a holiday. If you've never had hot stone therapy but are experienced with relaxation techniques in general, you might need help understanding what to anticipate. Flat, smooth, hot stones will be applied to particular areas of your body throughout your hot stone session, including a conventional Swedish massage. Basalt is used to make the stones as a form of basaltic that effectively maintains heat to warm the muscle. Your back, stomach, chest, face, palms, feet, & toes are all going to have heated stones put at key pressure spots. According to your particular needs, your Havie and Moon professional will decide where touches on the body will help you the most.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Procedure

The stones would be warmed in water by your Havie & Moon professionals would warm the stones in water until they reach the correct temperature range of 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. To warm the muscles, a conventional Swedish massage may be performed before a hot stone massage. Our trained therapist will then apply the warm pebbles to important acupressure sites on your body.

The stones will warm and relax the muscles, allowing your massage therapist to use deeper pressure. The therapist would massage the neck, back, arms, and legs with and without hot stones' assistance using body oil and various techniques and methods. If the rocks are too hot or the force is too strong, you should always alert the spa therapist.

The customer's internal temperature, respiratory rate, and pulse rate will change throughout the session as the hot stones' temperature changes. Our therapists told their clients initially that these reactions are typical when they get a hot stone massage. Urge your clients to contact you immediately if they are uncomfortable due to the stones' temperature, pressure, or position.

Does Hot Stone Massage Therapy is for everyone?

Someone with hypertension, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, peripheral arterial disease, current chemo, radiation, radioactivity, or surgery, or who is taking blood thinners is not advised to receive hot stone therapy. Inform your therapist if you suspect pregnancy.

A note from your physician or other medical professional stating that the procedure suits you is required if you have a significant health condition to be treated at the Havie and Moon salon.

Why Choose Hot Stone Massage Over other therapies?

Hot stone massage could provide more significant advantages when utilized to target and treat particular ailments. For the therapists to reach the deeper muscular levels, the heat from the stones aids in soothing the muscles. The pebbles also widen capillaries, promoting improved circulation to lessen chronic pain, encourage relaxation, and lessen tension.

A full body massage added to the overall session has many therapeutic advantages

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy:

Your body may detoxify and repair by improving the intravascular volume and facilitating the removal of waste products when warm and cold stones are used together.

Additional advantages are:

  • Encouraging sleep
  • Boosting circulation
  • Depression reduction
  • Contributes to pain relief
  • Easing stiff muscles

Why Choose Havie and Moon Salon for Hot Stone Massage?

Many other massage centers offer Hot stone massage, but the reason behind picking Havie and Moon is their professional staff and budget-friendly services. We offer our clients massage aftercare tips and care as well. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers and ease their pain. We advise you to heed our treatment aftercare suggestions. Ensure you drink enough water, especially as the temperature can make you sweat and dehydrate. Moreover, cleansing fluids through your body is the best way to control the passage of pollutants.