Get Regular Massage Therapy
by Havie and Moon for Your Health.

Havie and Moon's famous offer is massage treatment. A stressed body can benefit greatly from massage therapy, which encourages relaxation and can lessen muscle pain and stiffness. When you are weary, your system may be under mental and physical strain, leading to sore muscles and discomfort. Soft tissues throughout the human body are moved to encourage relaxation, enhance circulation, and reduce discomfort and stress.


Avail Massage Therapy Services Offered by Havie and Moon:

To meet your specific needs, we provide a range of massage methods, such as deep tissue massage and hot stone massage.

You might require relief from stress, discomfort, or muscle tightness, or you just want to relax and refresh; our professionals will work with you to choose the right therapy for your requirements.

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Swedish Massage:

Havie and Moon provide the well-liked massage technique known as Swedish massage.

It is a mild style of massage that combines lengthy strokes, kneading, and circular movements to induce relaxation and enhance circulation.

Our therapist will massage the soft tissues throughout your body using various methods to encourage relaxation and stress alleviation.

Swedish massage's many perks include easing muscle tension and soreness, improving muscle and blood flow, and encouraging rest and stress alleviation.

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Deep Tissue Massage:

Our certified massage therapist will start your deep-tissue massage treatment by asking about particular areas of pain or concern.

After that, you'll be told to remove your clothes and recline on a treatment table while fully or partially covered by a sheet or cloth.

The therapist will employ slower, deeper strokes and methods like friction, peeling, and trigger point therapy to reach the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles.

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Four-Hand Massage:

Havie and Moon provide a wonderful and distinctive massage service called four-hand massage therapy, sometimes called duo massage. As the name suggests, this massage is conducted by two therapists working on the same client together.

To deliver a thoroughly soothing and therapeutic massage, the two physiotherapists will coordinate their motions while employing various methods, including long strokes, kneading, or circular movements.

To assist with feeling your best, we are dedicated to offering massage therapy services of the finest caliber at our salon. Our skilled and qualified massage therapists collaborate flawlessly to give our clients a delightful and unwinding experience. Visit us right away to reap the rewards of massage therapy for you.

Dubai Hills Massage: The Secret To A Stress-Free Life

After spending all day at the office you must be back home in the evening with a tired body, Havie & Moon from Dubai Hills Massage won't disappoint you and resolve all your body tangles. The practice of massage is frequently included in complementary therapies. More and more health services are offering it as a treatment in addition to normal care. It can be useful for multiple medical issues. Massage treatment is able to relieve anxiety and stress, treat symptoms, mend injuries, and enhance fitness by slowing your nerves and muscles.

Types Of Massage Treatments We Offered At Dubai Hills Massage:

Different types of massage services are offered by Havie and Moon. You can avail of their deals for a budget-friendly option.
Swedish Massage.
Thai Full Body Massage.
Four hands massage.
Deep Tissue Massage.
Sports Massage.

Get Massage Therapies from Dubai Hills Massage:

Havie and Moon Dubai Hills Massage salon offer the best remedies for your body and nervous system stressing issues. Here is all you need to get under your budget to pamper yourself from Havie and Moon roof.

Swedish Massage:

One of the best popular types of relaxation techniques is Swedish massage easily accessible at Havie and Moon. It may aid in recovery after an ailment, help you unwind, and give you more energy.
Long, stretching strokes, rhythmic pressing strokes, and range of motion are all part of a Swedish massage. To reduce muscle spasms, this style of massage concentrates on the tendons' outermost layer.

Thai Full Body Massage:

The most often used therapeutic procedure is Thai full-body massage. It does regulate and unwinds the full body, making the user feel (strong, medium, and gentle) both mentally and physically soothing. During treatment, oil or lotion is given to the skin, making it feel soft and relaxed. Our professional therapists apply pressure to the patient's body all along Sen points with her hands, thumbs, elbows, and knee.

Four Hands Massage Therapy:

Your stress & muscle tightness is relieved by two specialists working in unison. Our Four Hands Therapy is performed in perfect unison by two therapists running concurrently. It is a type of massage when two therapists or masseurs work on a single client. The level of muscular relaxation and massage advantages are increased by our skilled staff's practice of synchronized artistic massage motions. The application of the same tension and tempo on both sides of the body. It is the ideal approach to sample the various massage techniques used by our highly competent and professionally educated team.

Deep Tissue Massage at Dubai Hills Massage Salon:

The main purposes of this massage therapy are available in Dubai Hills Massage from one and only Havie and Moon. This method focuses on musculoskeletal problems like strains and physical injury. It entails exerting steady pressure on the innermost layer of your connective tissue and muscles with long, gentle sweeps.It pulls out the spasms from tired, stressed-out muscles and fascia to reduce both acute and chronic muscular and joint pain. Also, by boosting blood flow and taken to mitigate, it encourages hastened recovery.

Sports Massage:

In addition, sports massage may help treat ailments including shin splints, tendonitis, sprains, and strains by reducing blood pressure and heart rate, boosting flow, and increasing lymph flow. Since an injury, sports massage is frequently safe, albeit it is not recommended for all types of injuries. When an athlete is hurt or in pain, our professional performs massage treatments to heal and manage them.


In conclusion of Dubai Hills Massage, you are now well aware that why Havie and Moon are always on the top of spark in the market for every therapeutic treatment. Their services are not just remarkable but also provide their clients with professional kind staff. Massage therapies undoubtedly soothe you with a new life, if the professionals do it well.  So, do check out more services from this prestigious spot at Dubai Hills to pamper yourself under your budget.