About Havie and Moon Ladies Salon in Dubai


Havie and Moon is a beautiful sanctuary run by British experienced stylists andtherapists. We are on the mission of making women of all age groups look and feelbetter. Havie and Moon is not just a salon, it is a wellness centre. Stepping into oursalon would provide you with a calming and soothing experience. The range ofservices offered at Havie and Moon can make you feel relieved both physically andmentally

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Award-winning Ladies Salon in Dubai

Havie and Moon feel proud to be an award-winning salon because of the 5-star services offered here. We have a team of skilled therapists and artists who have been appreciated internationally for their work. The immense praise, accolades, and awards are proof of the dedication put in by the artists at Havie and Moon. From being recognized as the best Salon for hair services in Dubai to being people's number-one choice for nail treatment Havie and Moon Ladies Salon proved to be a trusted wellness centre for females. You can book a session with our highly skilled artists and enjoy a soothing experience.

Serene Women’s Beauty Salon Based in Dubai Hills Estate

Havie and Moon offer a serene environment to provide peace and tranquillity to the beautiful women of Dubai. To offer a perfectly balanced environment for making you feel relaxed. Our salon is located in the exclusive Dubai Hills Estate. A session at Our salon can offer you a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle of work. The range of massage services in a peaceful and serene environment can leave a positive impact on your mental, physical, and emotional health. The warm and inviting environment of our Dubai Hills Salon makes it a perfect location for you to relax.

Award Winning

A Stunning New Beauty & Wellness Centre

Dubai Hills Estate's stunning new beauty and wellness centre offers unrivalled comfort. Clients receive fantastic service, high quality coffee and welcoming warm smiles.


Services Offered at Havie and Moon

At Havie and Moon, we have something for all the women of Dubai. From nail treatments to hair styling and manicures services our artists can assist you in severalways. Our hairstyling team can provide the best balayage services, haircuts, styles, and treatments to make you look beautiful and healthy. Our beauty experts can allowyou to rejuvenate with anti-aging facials, hair removal treatment, and other beautyservices.

Massage Services by Havie and Moon

The massage and wellness team at Havie and Moon has specialised in various calming procedures that can help you with your mental and physical health. Our practitioner can perform the century-old reiki treatment to extract stress out of your body making you feel relieved. While hot stone massage treatment in Dubai can relax your body physically. The nail artists and Biab technicians of Havie and Moon can bring back the glow of your hands, feet, and nails through their manicure and pedicure services.

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Your Health Matters At Our Holistic Wellness Center in Dubai

Havie and Moon is not merely a salon, it is a holistic wellness centre for females of all age groups. From physical health and mental well-being to outer appearance and glow, our team can revive it all at Havie and Moon. With years of experience, our staff can recommend to you the services that are required by your body and mind. Havie and Moon provides its customers with a retail space that can offer a variety of products ranging from lifestyle jewellery to health and skincare products in the UAE.


Why Choose Us?

Havie and Moon is known for its holistic approach to maintaining health and fitness standards for our clients.

  1. Best artists

    The artists including hairstylists, Biab technicians, massage practitioners, and beauty experts at Havie and Moon are well-skilled and perform their jobs efficiently. They provide clients with consultation sessions and make recommendations as per the needs of their body and mind. At Havie and Moon, all of our team are highly professional, making sure they have a soothing experience at our salon. Our skilled team adapts best practices to maintain great hygienic standards.
  2. Organic products

    At Havie and Moon Beauty Salon we use organic products and healthcare practices to ensure the best environment. These products are gentle on the skin and suit sensitive skin types as well. Such products nurture skin well bringing back the lost glow and freshness. No harmful chemicals are added to our skincare, hair, or nail grooming products that make you appear young without making a compromise on your overall well-being. The use of organic products on the skin allows Havie and Moon to stay committed to their efforts toward a sustainable future.
  3. Best Wellness Center

    Havie and Moon is not just a beauty centre, we are a wellness salon that provides women with better mental, emotional, and physical health. Through our variety of services, we can allow you to rejuvenate and relax. Our Holistic approach makes us the number one practitioner of best healthcare practices. The massage therapists and experts at Havie and Moon offer clients the service that would satisfy the mind, body, and soul and nurture their health. We offer unique ways to provide tranquility and peace to the women. Our services can extract lethargy and stress out of your life making you feel better
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  1. Best artists

    We feel proud to inform you that at Havie and Moon Lady's Salon, we use cruelty-free products only. We are a responsible salon and care about animal wellbeing and thus stay true to our words by only committing to the brands that resonate with our vision and values. Our partners like Kevin Murphy and Beauty Works are known for their cruelty-free products and responsible image. Havie and Moon have a vision of bringing transformative change in the beauty industry by educating our clients about the use of sustainable products.
  2. Tailored services

    Each individual is served with customised services at Havie and Moon Salon in Dubai. We understand that every woman has specific needs and these needs should be fulfilled using best practices at Havie and Moon. Thus our artist spends time providing consultation to the clients and analysing their skin, hair, and nails. This allows them to ensure the right treatment is provided to each client. Our artists make sure all your concerns are addressed and you look and feel your best. Moreover, the experts at Havie and Moon choose cosmetics and healthcare products as per the demands of your body. You can book our tailored services now.


What services does Havie and Moon Ladies Salon offer?


Havie and Moon Ladies Salon offers a comprehensive range of services including hairstyling, hair treatments, nail services, holistic wellness, and more. Explore our menu for a detailed list of services.

Is Havie and Moon a cruelty-free salon?


Yes, Havie and Moon is proud to be a cruelty-free salon. We exclusively use products that align with our commitment to ethical and compassionate beauty practices.

How do I book an appointment at Havie and Moon?


Booking an appointment is easy! You can call our salon directly, visit our website or send us a message!

Do you have an award-winning hairstylist at Havie and Moon?


Yes, Havie and Moon are privileged to have award-winning British hairstylists leading our team. Our hairstylist is dedicated to delivering on-trend and precision hairstyles

What is the best Ladies' Salon nearby?


Havie and Moon is an award-winning ladies' salon located in the exclusive Dubai Hills Estate. You can make an appointment by giving us a call or sending us a message. Our team provides a wide range of services.