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HAVIE & MOON is the best ladies salon near me with prices. We are the best beauty space in Dubai, where every girl feels special. Our team's mission is to create unforgettable experiences by providing quality service and superior results. We pay attention to the details of each person. We strive to maintain both your beauty and confidence.The best service from well-trained professionals will make your visit special. You will be amazed at our price list as we offer the best service at affordable prices for everyone. To ensure this, our specialists are constantly participating in further training. All services are implemented using the latest and latest technology.There is nothing more luxurious and relaxing than a salon and spa in Dubai. From wash and blow dry to micro shading and body spa therapies, we provide a comprehensive range of beauty treatments to help your body heal naturally. Free yourself from stressful and hectic schedules. Designed specifically for women seeking a total beauty and salon experience, our services include hair trimming, beauty, nail treatment, etc. Rest, energy, beauty and vitality come together in our spa/massage therapies. Our treatments will refresh your mind and body. We welcome you and recommend our facilities and services.

Why Choose Our Ladies Salon Near Me With Prices

HAVIE & MOON is the leading beauty ladies salon near me with prices that offer a wide range of services. At our beauty salon, we hire the best hairdressers and beauticians in the country who offer our clients various services in a friendly environment. We pride ourselves on making each of our guests' experiences as unique as they are, and we continually improve our services to exceed our guests' expectations. An exclusive destination in Dubai, offering a full range of services to enhance health, beauty and relaxation through body care treatments. From a manicure and pedicure station to a full-fledged nail bar.We also offer spa services that offer hair services such as cutting, styling and colouring, a makeup department, and ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest spa linens and amenities. The spa offers a variety of massage styles, including traditional Swedish, deep tissue work, hot stone, reflexology, and Thai.

Exclusive Ladies Salon Near Me With Prices And Offers To Evaluate Your Experience

At HAVIE & MOON, we put the needs of our customers first. We want our customers to experience the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere on the market. We want to be known for our extraordinary commitment to guest well-being. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our salon values ​​an individual approach and a personalized experience. Our primary goal is to provide the exact treatment that each client desires. We love originality and individuality, so we go above and beyond our obligations to make the best possible impact. Go. We want our clients to be able to express themselves fully with their new look. Our exclusive ladies salon near me with prices and membership offers to start from AED 850 to 2160 per month, including all services like head and neck massage, Pedi or gel mani, ultimate waxing, etc.

Exclusive Offers to
Elevate your Experience


Exclusive Memberships

6 Month Ultimate Membership

Monthly Polish or Gel Mani/Pedi

Unlimited Waxing

Blowdry (Weekly)

60-Minute Massage (Weekly)

Cut & Colour AED 1,000* (Every 8 weeks)

1x classic Skeyndor facial

20% off additional services

AED 2000 per month

6 Month
Signature Membership

Pedi or Gel Mani/Pedi (monthly)

Head neck and shoulder massage (monthly)

Unlimited waxing

Classic Skeyndor facial (monthly

10% off additional services

Classic - AED 850 per month
Gel - AED 1000 per month

6 Month
Essential Membership

Classic mani/pedi or Gel mani/pedi (monthly)

Head neck and shoulder massage (monthly)

1x classic Skeyndor facial

5% off additional services

Classic - AED 1,550
Gel - AED 2,160

*6 Month upfront payment required

Exclusive Packages

5 Blowdrys for

Short/Med AED 550

Med/Long AED 650

Extra long AED 750

6 Facials for

Classic  AED 1,500

Power C/Hyloronic AED 1,950

Corrective AED 3,500

Massages for

10 Relaxation/Deep Tissue Massage AED 2,000

5 Maderotherapy AED 1,700

10 Maderotherapy AED 2,700

10 Lymphatic Drainage AED 2,500

Achieve Smooth, Well-Groomed Skin by Havie and Moon Ladies Salon with Price Range

Popular hair removal techniques like waxing and threading can help you attain smooth, well-groomed skin. You can count on skilled waxing and threading procedures that address your hair removal needs at a reputed salon. If you are looking for a Ladies' Salon Near Me with price ranges that provide soft and long-lasting results, your hunting is done now because you have got the right spot Havie and Moon Ladies Salon is here for your services.

Waxing Services by Havie and Moon Ladies Salon Near Me with Prices:

Hot and chill wax removes undesirable hair from the root and immediately peels it off, known as waxing. Looking for Waxing services, have a look at Havie and Moon Ladies Salon near me with price ranges that fit in your pockets could include:

· Waxing the entire body: This procedure removes undesirable hair from several body parts, including the legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, and more.

·Face Waxing: Waxing for the face can eliminate undesirable facial hair and give the skin a smooth appearance in regions like the cheeks, upper lip, chin, and eyebrows.· Waxing for Men: Some salons may provide waxing services designed especially for males, focusing on the chest, back, and shoulders.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the threading method by a ladies salon near me with price ranges that fit in your pockets involves removing undesirable hair from the root using a twisted thread. The hair is caught in the line, dragged over the skin, and pulled out.
Threading is frequently utilized for accurate contouring and hair removal in sensitive regions, including the chin, sideburns, upper lip, and eyebrows. It is renowned for its precision and capacity for producing clearly defined shapes.