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Regardless of your appearance, Russian nails salon in Dubai such as Havie & Moon has been supplying you with a broad range of services for you to pick from. Our colour spectrum, which uses the best ingredients, shows the variety of treatments and procedures we provide at our salon, from the lovely French to the dazzling Chrom design. Your ruined nails will be changed by professionals into healthy, attractive nails in the meantime.Havie & Moon has a track record of offering exceptional care, wonderful therapies, and a unique atmosphere. This nail salon, a great place to unwind with your pals, does not provide the standard mani-pedi combos. They rather offer exclusive signature foot & nail services. The decor of this manicure bar is distinctive, making it stand out from other salons in Dubai. Their competent and knowledgeable beauty professionals can offer a wide range of skincare utilising high-end, market-leading goods. To give you the greatest possible experience while here, every one of our services has been created with your ease in mind.Skilled nail technicians offer a comprehensive menu of nail services using only the highest-quality, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.Beauty and relaxation are some words that fit well with nail spa services in Dubai. It is among the most well-known beauty companies in Dubai and provides much more than simply nail care treatments, offering a classic nail care treatment. This manicure salon in Dubai offers TNS traditional nail art, gels nails, as well as other procedures.

Russian nails, called Russian manicures or nail extensions, are one of Havie and Moon's most well-liked nail services. In this kind of manicure, the nails are shaped and filed with electrical nail files to produce a neat, natural-looking edge.

The insertion of gel or acrylic nail expansions, which are moulded to fit the curve of the natural nail, is usually done next.


Havie and Moon Russian Nails Salon in Dubai Services

Fotologic Pedicure by Russian Nails Salon in Dubai

Russian Nails Service Procedure:

The common steps in a Russian nail treatment are as follows:

  • Nail Preparation: The beautician will clean, disinfect, and trim the nails to the appropriate length after removing any existing nail polish
  • Nails Shaping: The nails will be shaped and filed with an electrical nail file to give them a neat, natural-looking edge. Any dead skin near the nail bed may need to be removed in this phase.
  • Care for the cuticles: The manicurist will gently push the cuticles back and trim any extra skin.
  • Placement of nail extensions: The specialist will attach gel or acrylic additions, shaping them to suit the natural nail's form.
  • Nail polishing: Once nails are set, the specialist will massage and polish the cuticles to achieve an even, shiny appearance.
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Other Nail Services Offered by Havie and Moon:

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Gel Polish Manicure and pedicure:

Havie and Moon's famous nail treatment is a manicure and pedicure with gel polish. In contrast to traditional nail polish, this kind of manicure uses a gel-based lacquer set under a UV or LED light to produce a more durable appearance.

The complete process typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes for manicures and from 60 to 90 minutes for pedicures, according to the complexity of the pattern.

The shiny, lengthy finish that a gel polish pedicure and manicure creates is noted for being resistant to chipping and splits.

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Simple Manicure:

A basic manicure is a common nail care procedure that Havie and Moon provide. Your preferred polish usually follows a basic nail cleaning and shaping procedure.

The nail technician will clean and sanitise the nails, clean any old nail lacquer, and cut them to the appropriate length. The nails will then be shaped and filed to the proper length and form.

After applying a base coat, two layers of the colour of your choice, and a top coat for added gloss and durability, nail polish will be applied.

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Nail Extensions:

By lengthening natural nails using various methods and materials, Havie and Moon's nail extension treatment enhances the appearance of real nails. Natural nails receive hard gel additions, which are subsequently UV-cured. Gel expansions can be made with tips or forms.

To extend the width of the nails, the Havie and Moon experts apply a nail shape, essentially a sticker that goes beneath the tip of the nail.

To get the finest results and reduce the chance of damaging your real nails, it's crucial to select a renowned and professional salon, like Havie and Moon, for the nail extension procedure.

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Nails Services by Russian Nails Salon in Dubai:

Havie and Moon Russian nails salon in Dubai offers a range of nail services to pamper and perfect your hands and feet. From classic manicures and pedicures to trendy nail art designs, the skilled technicians at this salon use high-quality products to give you stunning nails that last.

You can avail first and only pedicure-specific foot care line in the world from Russian Nails salon in Dubai just like Havie and Moon.
Footlogic offers cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the way feet's skin and nails look and feel. For incredible results, use the best resulting products from Havie and Moon services. Why Footlogic products are so brilliant and how we can assist you to have healthy great feet. High-quality, non-greasy, and simple to use.
Using a simple kit that can be used at home to maintain the benefits over time, the fotologic pedicure helps to restore the foot's smoothness and softness. In a hot area where shoes are a must-have item from the closet, Footlogic is a crucial update.

Gel Polish Meni & Pedicure:

The gel polishes from The Gel Bottle are glossy, intensely pigmented, chip-resistant, and create a sheen that lasts for a very long time. comprises a coating of your preferred gel polish, a file, and dry cuticle grooming.

Very few Russian Nails Salon in Dubai Offers such a unique procedure but you will easily avail of this at Havie and Moon. The Gel Bottle, which is used by Havie and Moon that gives the renowned TGB BIAB, is a 100% gel solution. Excellent gloss, highly pigmented, and hard hues. A traditional method that is followed by polishing involves curing your nails with lengthy, non-chip Gel polish under powerful LED lights to offer you a gorgeous shine and an instant dry feature.

Classic Manicure

In this classic Manicure, your choice of polish is applied after the cuticles are cleaned, clipped, and the nails are capped with a relaxing lotion therapy.

To maintain your actual nail, a basic coat is put on first, followed by the colour as well as a protective coating to secure the manicure. Cuticle oil will be applied as a last touch to nourish and safeguard your nails after the treatment.

It poses no risk to the health of your nails and is a wonderful choice if you want to strengthen your real nails while waiting between procedures.

Nail Extensions:

Hard gel extensions are applied to natural nails that are then UV-cured. Tips or shapes can be used to create gel extensions. To lengthen the thickness of the nail, the Havie and Moon specialists employ a nail shape, which is just a sticker that fits beneath the outer end (the tip) of the nail.

Russian Nails Treatment:

The Russian Manicure treatment is a unique dry process of filing, snipping, and removing the top layer entirely with a rechargeable cutter to give clean and transparent results. This procedure is in comparison to traditional pedicures and routine gel manicures.

That only gives dousing the nail to lighten the cuticle, and clean the dust.

Russian Nails salon in Dubai is ranking nowadays because of the high demand and rare places. Havie and Moon professionals do their best in this treatment in which nails are properly cleaned of all dry, flaking, extra skin after being expertly filed and old polish removed.
You can avail of such unique services by Havie & Moon nails salon in Dubai.